Melanie Wilson


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Melanie Wilson is a theatre maker whose work combines sound and language to create powerful, poetic performances. Her work employs theatre, sound art and contemporary forms of composition, and is currently exploring science fiction, feminism and the future.

As a writer, performer and sound artist she has collaborated with artists and companies across forms of theatre, film, music, installation, fine art and photography.

Her work has been presented in the U.K and internationally, featuring recently in the sound design for the multi-media work of director Katie Mitchell, at Schauspeilhaus, Cologne; Avignon Festival; Theatretreffen, Berlin Festspeile; Schaubuhne, Berlin; Berg Theatre, Vienna and the Salzburg Festival.


Trailers for Melanie's performances 'Autobiographer' (2012), 'Iris Brunette' (2009) and 'Simple Girl' (2007) can be viewed underneath the site.


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